The Characters

The Bones of Saint Pierre

Mason Wright: Assistant to the Director of Art Curation at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  28 years old, he lives in New York City and is the son of a highly respected archaeologist.  Mason is street-smart, sarcastic, loyal and reliable.  He is a good man to have on your side.

Collette Moulié:  Studying in New York City, 26 years old.  Daughter of a world-renowned Museum Director in France.  A beautiful, stubborn, strong woman, she has had Mason’s eye for a long time.

Jacques Moulié:  Mid-sixties, father of Collette, Jacques is responsible for the safety and relocation of all fine art housed in the museums of France. He is driven by the cause to protect and serve the people in France and not influenced by others. Jacques is the architect of an elaborate plan known only to a select few.

Ganoux:  World War I veteran, loyal friend and confidante of Jacques Moulié. Former Metropolitán Police.  He is highly competent, intuitive and a very secretive man.  

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