The Gallery

This Gallery section is a collection of personal photographs taken over the past six years during book research excursions. These photos depict scenes personally observed from NYC to France and are for your enjoyment–they inspired many of the scenes you have read (or are currently reading about). I hope to inspire you to spend time in these places– in and around The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC on the Upper East Side (near E. 86th Street); Central Park; Paris; Loire Valley (France); and of course, The Church of Saint-Pierre (Montmartre). Click through each photo for best experience and keep coming back as more images will be added soon.

  • The painting that graces the cover of The Bones of Saint Pierre is Madame X, otherwise known as Madame Pierre Gautreau, an American woman from New Orleans who married a French banker. John Singer Sargent painted her in 1884. This painting features prominently in the book, but this painting has her own story (See p. 11 for reference). She has been part of this process for five years, I feel like she is part of me and I hope you will visit her at The Met.
  • Solome With the Head of John The Baptist By Andrea Solario, also featured prominently in The Bones of Saint Pierre, was painted in 1508 and can also be viewed at the Met. (See p. 5-6 for reference)
  • A view of The Met at night, where Mason’s journey begins.
  • (Current) Met interior photos steps (2 views) (See p. 15)
  • Medieval armor display at The Met (See p. 6)
  • French church inlaid wood panels (See p. 11), torchère lamp (See p. 15), internal staircase
  • Marymount façade (See p. 17)
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