One Week

It has been one week since The Bones of Saint Pierre has been released. Last week at this time I was excited, emotional and slightly hungover from The Taste of Colonia the night before. This past week has been a range of emotion that I could have never imagined. I wasn’t sure this book would ever see the light of day, then I thought it may be a short story, then a bit longer, until it became what it is today.

I have heard from so many people whether by phone, text, Messenger, FB, Instagram, Linked In or in person. It really is humbling. I love all the pictures on FB of so many, with their copies of the book. That has been really fun for me. A few people have finished the book and they are already wondering when the next book is coming, I am working on it.

Thank You to everyone for making this week something beyond my wildest dreams. I hope to thank everyone in person at some point. I will be making several appearances at some fun places and will post as soon as I confirm dates. Meanwhile, enjoy “The Bones” and if you purchased through Amazon, I would appreciate a review of the book once you are finished. That would be very helpful and I would love to know your thoughts.

I am just a regular guy who wrote a book, but all of you have made this an experience I can’t even begin to explain. The love you have shown is off the charts and means the world to me. You are all Amazing!!!

Here is a picture of the Metropolitan Museum at night. It Is where Mason begins his adventure, and where I began mine six years ago.

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