From NYC to the Catacombs of Paris in 28 Days

It has been 28 days since some of you first met Mason Wright and followed him down the staircase at the Met out into the streets of NYC and off to Paris. 28 days since I woke up on a Friday morning to find the Kindle version of my story available for all to see. Eagerly awaiting the paperback release the next day, I wondered –will people order it? Will they read it? Will they enjoy it? Those questions continue to get answered daily—I really cannot say “THANK YOU” enough times for the unbelievable support. Thanks to all of you, the book already has 14 reviews on Amazon and a presence on sites like Goodreads. Your enthusiasm continues to inspire me and I really am working on book 2, I promise! So, thank you—for getting the book, reading the book and also letting me know how much you have enjoyed it. Look for updates to the events page here and on FB as we firm things up and I am looking forward to seeing some of you on March 19 at Woodbridge Library.

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