Book Clubs

I was approached by a woman at an event in New Providence who wanted to use my book as the June selection for her book club. Of course, I was very excited about the idea. At the end of this month I am meeting with her club to discuss the whole process and the book. This is a great opportunity for me and I am really looking forward to hearing their feedback.

If you are in a book club, or know someone who is, and would like to feature my book as one of your monthly reads, I would be more than happy to come talk about it when you are finished. I can also offer you a discount on the purchase price if you are buying more than 5 books. I am also thinking of doing a wine and cheese accompaniment to the discussion. Some French wine and cheese from the regions in the book. Details can be worked out.

A quick update on the Second book in the series, The Secrets of Saint Joanna. I am about 12 chapters and 140 pages into the first draft. The story is coming together and I am really excited about where these characters are going. Mason and Collette will be smuggled back into France through wine country which falls along the line between occupied France and Free France. Mason has a score to settle and Collette will play a prominent role in helping him do that. Some new characters will also join the story and I hope to have it done by the end of summer. That may be ambitious but we will see.

Thank you, as always, for your support. Means the world to me.

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