Labor Day 2020

Happy Labor Day weekend 2020, the unofficial end of summer. I know, it’s kind of sad, but I do love Fall. Normally I would be excited for College Football this weekend, the kids would be back in school, but as we all know, 2020 has been anything but normal. The Kentucky Derby is today, which kind of sums up the craziness of the year, so we all just move along trying to get through this seemingly never ending year.

For the past few weeks, every night, I have spent editing The Secrets of Saint Joanna over and over again, until it felt right. This weekend I will be sending the first few chapters to the publisher to begin the final edits.

The story begins in London with the murder of a high level British agent. It will take you through Spain and into occupied France through the wine caves of the Loire Valley to a small town south of Paris where a resistance is growing.

I will continue to update the progress as we head into the Fall. Everyone, be safe, live in the moment, and thank you for supporting me. I hope to release “The Secrets” this year and remember 2020 as the year I released my second book, instead of the year the world turned upside down. Cheers,


Chateau Chenonceau

2 Replies to “Labor Day 2020”

  1. Hello Steven, thank you for the update and your comment about remembering 2020 as the release of the 2nd book (The Secrets of Saint Joanna). Yes, this year been a year which no one will ever forget. Let’s hope and prayer that 2021 will not be the same – Mason Wright

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