Starting a New Chapter

This Friday coming up, May 7th, I have the opportunity to present along side three well known authors at an event in Gladstone, NJ put on by The Junior League of Morristown. It is called Lunch With the Authors. Fiona Davis, Marjan Kamali and Carol Van Den Hende will be joining me, or I should say, I will be joining them. It will be my first live event since last summer when I did an outside event for about 20 people. They are expecting upwards of 180 attendees this Friday and to say I am excited is an understatement.

It is going to be so nice to be back at a book event after the events of the last year. I have never been that comfortable speaking to crowds but I decided when I published my first book, that would need to change. Am I nervous? A little bit, but excitement is more the correct term. Kind of like the butterflies we all get when we are nervously excited.

As I prepare for the event, I have my checklist of things I need to do: Bring books to sell (Quite Important), Have plenty of sharpies to sign them, have my speech prepared, bring bookmarks, business cards, advertising posters and banners. I ordered many boxes of books, both Hardcover and Paperback. I have them all stacked downstairs ready to go.

Writing is many things…It’s fun, hard, frustrating, monotonous, humbling and it definitely makes you second guess your endings LOL. But honestly, most of all it is incredibly rewarding. When someone tells me they enjoyed my book, it is a hard to describe feeling. I thank you all for that feeling, it’s amazing.

So, Friday is coming and I am really excited about it. Will be nice to be back talking to people about writing, reading and books. Looking forward to starting a new chapter and getting back out there to talk with people about the art of writing and sharing my story.

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