One Year in…

A little over one year ago, The Bones of Saint Pierre was released and the last year has been filled with so many amazing moments that it is hard to describe. While writing The Bones, I would often wonder what was going to happen when the book came out, rather, IF the book came out. I wasn’t sure I would finish it and if it would make sense when I did.

Well, nothing I imagined even came close to the reality of what actually occurred upon release. The last year has been such an amazing, humbling experience for me, that it is hard for me to describe with words. It seems kind of funny that an author is at a loss for words but, believe me, it happens more than you would think.

I want to thank everyone who has shared in this experience, it truly means the world to me.

As for what is going on now, I am working on the second book in the series, The Secrets of Saint Joanna, and am very excited about it. I would say I have another 50 pages left to write. The story involves the rise of the French Resistance through wine country in the Loire Valley of France. Mason and Collette are back for another adventure with some old friends and some new ones. Keep checking back on the website and Facebook for updates.

Recently, I had the opportunity to work on Long Beach Island. While working in an empty house, I decided to develop a story which takes place “down the shore.” A good old fashioned “Who Done it” mystery involving the murder of a very successful Builder on the island and all the people who were not sad that he was dead. “A Murder Down The Shore”…will keep you posted.

Thank you again for all the amazing support from everyone near and far, it continues to keep me in awe.


I recently had the honor of visiting Normandy, France, a place I have wanted to experience for many years. It is not every day, you get to stand on the very ground of a place which changed the course of human history. The blood, the bullets, the bodies are all gone, and to the people enjoying Omaha beach, it was just that, a beach…their beach. They flew kites, ran around with their kids, walked their dogs and enjoyed a nice August afternoon. As I looked out over the channel, I tried to envision the horror that happened that morning in 1944, I couldn’t, because it was such a beautiful peaceful scene. And maybe that is what you are supposed to feel now, not the chaos and tragedy of war, but the summer scenes of kids playing in the sun.

I dedicated The Bones of Saint Pierre to the “Greatest Generation” because these ordinary men and women, school teachers, factory workers, kids as young as 16 who lied about their age to enlist, accomplished something which should have never succeeded. It’s true, Eisenhower wrote a letter which was read to all the D Day troops before that morning. They were about to be a part of history, but most people don’t know that he had a second letter in his desk to be read to the world in case of failure. Because of those men on those beaches on that morning, that letter was never needed.

I found a free library stand on Omaha Beach and placed a book inside as a small token of my appreciation for everything that happened 75 years ago, and for the people who today may want to read it as they simply enjoy their beach.

Book Clubs

I was approached by a woman at an event in New Providence who wanted to use my book as the June selection for her book club. Of course, I was very excited about the idea. At the end of this month I am meeting with her club to discuss the whole process and the book. This is a great opportunity for me and I am really looking forward to hearing their feedback.

If you are in a book club, or know someone who is, and would like to feature my book as one of your monthly reads, I would be more than happy to come talk about it when you are finished. I can also offer you a discount on the purchase price if you are buying more than 5 books. I am also thinking of doing a wine and cheese accompaniment to the discussion. Some French wine and cheese from the regions in the book. Details can be worked out.

A quick update on the Second book in the series, The Secrets of Saint Joanna. I am about 12 chapters and 140 pages into the first draft. The story is coming together and I am really excited about where these characters are going. Mason and Collette will be smuggled back into France through wine country which falls along the line between occupied France and Free France. Mason has a score to settle and Collette will play a prominent role in helping him do that. Some new characters will also join the story and I hope to have it done by the end of summer. That may be ambitious but we will see.

Thank you, as always, for your support. Means the world to me.

120 days and very grateful

Today marks 120 days since the release of The Bones of Saint Pierre. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this unbelievable journey–my wife, our amazing family and friends, colleagues, long-time and new customers, the powerful social media network and yes, even people I don’t know–including a guy named Mason Wright! I also cannot say thank you enough to the local small businesses –both in the communities in which I now live– and in which I grew up: Thank you Jesse and the staff at The Irving Inn Social in Rahway for a fantastic Colonia area book release party;The Woodbridge Main Library for my first “Meet the Author” opportunity; Debbie Meehan of The Corner Paper for the local press release and feature; Just Plain Dave’s in Rahway for being a local spot for great food and The Bones available in-store for purchase; Sal and Tami at DiMaios in Berkeley Heights for a very special friends and family event; Mike and Jenn Young of The Domesticated Dad in Asbury Park for The Bones at the Jersey Shore; David and the great folks at Adelphia Wine Market in Bernardsville for Wine, Cheese and The Bones; and Linda Tribuna of Linda’s Creative Gifts in New Providence, a local retailer with books in stock and a great day at the shop with Adrian and Patty (the pup) too; and last, but not least, my Angel Paws crew who has supported The Bones in so many ways–including a recent feature at the annual Pawcasso charity art auction. While the #BonesOnTheRoad tour is just getting started, you have all been a HUGE part of the most exciting part–the beginning–when I needed the support the most. Of course, no thank you is complete without a special note of thanks to Karen Miller of Open Door Publications and Eric Labacz of Eric Labacz Design for taking my vision and bringing it to life! Thank you!

120 days–nearly 500 books sold–31 reviews (on Goodreads and Amazon combined)–6 events–and most importantly, ONE VERY GRATEFUL AUTHOR. Thank you all for the continued support! Enjoy some photos of the first 120 days of #BonesOfStPierre and #BonesOnTheRoad

The Bones of Saint Pierre is now available at Linda’s Creative Gifts in New Providence In-store book signing tomorrow Saturday May 18

Tomorrow afternoon, Saturday May 18, 2019, I’ll be selling and signing books at Linda’s Creative Gifts at 1259 Springfield Avenue, New Providence, New Jersey. Special thanks to Linda for this opportunity and for partnering with me to make the book available locally at her unique gift shop which features the work of local artists. To learn more about Linda and her spot as well as tomorrow’s details, you can link to the Facebook event here. The book is now available at her shop for purchase on an ongoing basis.

Wine, Cheese and “The Bones”

Tomorrow from 2:30-5:00 I will be doing an event at the Adelphia Wine Market, 79 Morristown Road, Bernardsville, NJ. I have known David, the manager of the store, for many years, he always has some new exciting wine for me to try, and I always take his suggestions.

He was very excited about the book coming out, so he suggested a wine and cheese event featuring wines from the locations in the book. It should be a really fun event. Come for the whole time or just pop in and say hi. I will be signing and selling copies of the book.

Wine, cheese and “The Bones”…can’t go wrong with that. Thank you, as always, for the tremendous support as I continue on this journey.

Friends, Food and #BonesOnTheRoad to Asbury Park

Hope to see you tomorrow from 1-3 pm down in Asbury Park at one of my favorite spots, The Domesticated Dad, where you can grab something delicious on your way in or out, or stay for a while and visit. I’ll have books to sign and I’m looking forward to a great day down the shore. Thanks Jenn and Michael Young for this opportunity to meet and greet your faithful customers! #BonesOfStPierre #BonesOnTheRoad

From NYC to the Catacombs of Paris in 28 Days

It has been 28 days since some of you first met Mason Wright and followed him down the staircase at the Met out into the streets of NYC and off to Paris. 28 days since I woke up on a Friday morning to find the Kindle version of my story available for all to see. Eagerly awaiting the paperback release the next day, I wondered –will people order it? Will they read it? Will they enjoy it? Those questions continue to get answered daily—I really cannot say “THANK YOU” enough times for the unbelievable support. Thanks to all of you, the book already has 14 reviews on Amazon and a presence on sites like Goodreads. Your enthusiasm continues to inspire me and I really am working on book 2, I promise! So, thank you—for getting the book, reading the book and also letting me know how much you have enjoyed it. Look for updates to the events page here and on FB as we firm things up and I am looking forward to seeing some of you on March 19 at Woodbridge Library.

2 Weeks

It has been two weeks since the release of The Bones of Saint Pierre. I have heard from so many people who have enjoyed the book, are reading the book or can’t wait to start it. Bones has been read in Japan, Iowa, Wisconsin, Hilton Head, Paraguay, Delaware, Illinois, Ohio, Atlanta, Alabama, Maryland, and soon to be on its way to Aruba. I love all the pictures of the book on social media, it warms my heart. There are already 9 reviews on Amazon and the prevailing theme is “When is book 2 coming out?” I am working on it, I promise. Once again, Thank You for all the support, texts, messages, phone calls and love, keep spreading the word of Bones. You guys are truly amazing!!

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